Gluquestrian: The Power to Restore

The Only Equine Joint Supplement with a
Results Based Guarantee

For Horses of All Ages
Seal of SatisfactionA unique joint supplement that actually supplies the body everything it requires to maintain, rebuild and heal joint tissue! Its special human-grade formula is quickly absorbed into the horse's system and is readily available to the joints, so the healing process can begin. When used regularly, Gluquestrian™ is an extremely effective product for maintaining Total Joint Health and can help horses with Navicular Syndrome, founder, arthritis, spavin, laminitis, joint injuries and many other joint related problems. It doesn't simply mask joint pain, it has been used by professionals and competitors around the world for prevention, maintenance, therapy, and the restoration of joint health — foal through geriatric. It was developed by veterinarians, and they guarantee that it will work or you get your money back! It is the only joint supplement on the market that is backed by a RESULTS BASED GUARANTEE, not just your usual money back guarantee that is only good for 30 days.

Developed and formulated by:
Dr. David F. Davenport, DVM, MS, MS, CNS
Dr. J. Eric Martin, DVM and Dr. Michael Bishop, MD, PhD

For Your Information . . .

  • MD's Choice does NOT use herbs because herbs are DRUGS! Herbs (and drugs) can be very beneficial and important, if properly used. However, they have no place in a daily supplement because one or more of the following problems are likely to occur if misused, overused, or with prolonged use:
    • Immunity (it ceases to treat or cover or relieve the problem)
    • Addiction (the body gets used to it, and wants more to accomplish the same effects)
    • Overdose (many "drug-like" chemicals do NOT just pass through the body and can damage the liver & kidneys)
    • Toxic effects (too much make cause damage to the body or could build up over time to damage vital organs)
    • Negative interactions with other drugs or treatments (self explanatory)
  • MD's Choice does NOT use painkillers. Painkillers can mask a product's ineffectiveness. An increase in activity can be mistaken for healing and can increase the risk of further injury and drastically slow the healing process.
  • MD's Choice does NOT use Glucosamine HCl. The HCl must be exchanged in the body with a sulphate molecule before the Glucosamine can be used in the joints. We use the sulphated form to begin with to ensure maximum benefits.
  • MD's Choice does NOT use Chondroitin Sulphate. Chondroitin Sulphate (which is extracted from animal by-products) is too large to go directly into a joint to be used). Studies have shown that up to 98% of Glucosamine Sulphate is absorbed when take orally, while other studies show that Chondroitin Sulphate is absorbed from 40 to 50% by the body. Furthermore, due to Chondroitin's large size, even less gets into the joints.

Joint Supplements: The Good, Bad, and the Useless
Learn about ingredients used by some companies, what those ingredients really do, what they affect, both the negatives and positives of various popular ingredients many joint supplements companies want you to use, trust and spend your money on.

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